Student Support

Students support

Efficient student support services in the NE Scotland

Our Student Support Service can help you increase your learning potential. Specialist Resource Solutions provide personalised support services to students. 

Support staff consultation

Support staff in consultation with the student support advisor create a person centred plan in consultation with you, this allows the support to be designed around your individual needs. We are always looking for ways to improve the support we offer. We regularly ask the people we support, for feedback on the service.

Improved self esteem for students

Outcomes you may achieve

  • Increased self esteem
  • Orientation around campus
  • Attending fresher’s fairs
  • Daily advocacy support
  • Note-taking support during lectures
  • Social support
  • Communication support
  • Study support during non-contact times

students counselling

Get in touch with us

For university related enquires or information please call us or email our dedicated student support on You can also get in touch with us for information on Self Directed Support.
For professional student support services in the NE Scotland, call Specialist Resource Solutions on 
01224 467 897
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