Autism support

Autism support for clients in North East Scotland

If you need experts to provide support for individuals who are diagnosed with autism, Specialist Resource Solutions can help. Contact us with your queries. 

 Autism spectrum condition

We support people with autism spectrum condition, some individuals may have autism with a learning disability and others may just have autism or autism and another condition. Research suggests that over 1 in 100 people may be on the autism spectrum, it is a lifelong condition and there is no ‘cure’. People who are affected by autism usually have difficulties with communication, social interaction, flexibility in thinking, & sensory differences. 

Cooking and healthy eating

Our autism support services include:

  • Developing meaningful activities
  • Maintaining home/tenancy issues
  • Daily living tasks
  • Personal Care
  • Cooking and healthy eating
  • Social support
  • Therapeutic work placements
  • Routes to employment

Developing meaningful activities for adults with autism

Support by the government

The Scottish Strategy for Autism has raised autism as a national priority. The strategy was launched in September 2010 and set out the developments over the next 10 years. As an organisation we are committed to the development of our policies in line with good practice.
For autism support services in NE Scotland, call Specialist Resource Solutions on 
01224 467 897
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